Exterior Doors

The term exterior is used to describe the envirnment that your door is going to be used in, not the material. Exposure to moisture, wind, sun, traffic and use, are all taken into consideration when building an exterior door. The manufacturing techniques used for each type of exterior door are substantially different. For instance, wood doors are used were appearance is most important, fiberglass where resiliency is the key and metal, where cost concerns take priority.


Our Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors Collection

In the wood door lines there are three basic manufacturing methods. Solid wood true style and rail, our specialty, engineered style and rail, and flush veneer with stave core design. Each type of wood door has its specific applications.

Contemporary Door Series

Flush Veneer Doors

flush veneer doors are typical in contemporary design homes. From traditional species such as birch and maple, to the more exotic fir, cherry and walnut our range of flush doors with stave core for exterior use is second to none. They can be built with a variety of veneer thickness's paterns and cut outs for a wide variety of lite configurations.

Real Wood Exterior Series

French Doors

Our real wood french doors come in almost any configuration, any size, any wood species, and on a variety of jamb styles, from singles to quads, inswing and outswing, single lite and multi lite, and in our new cantaliver and eclipse configurations. Our definition of a french door is one that has a full glass panel. Doors with wood panels on the bottom and three quarters or less glass can be found in the doors with glass section.

Doors with Glass

As with our frenh doors, our doors with glass come in any configuration, size, or wood species, and a wide vareity of jambs. They can be built with transoms, decoritive glass, bevelled glass, true devided lites, simulated true divided lites, sidelites, laminated or tempered glass, and almost all now come standard with low e argon filled sealed unit glass.

Doors without Glass

Stately entrances exude style enough to set the tone for the exterior of a building. From Shaker style square stops, to our Craftsman flat panel doors with stops, to raised panel and grooved panel doors, the selection is endless. Our web site shows a small portion of what we can actually build, so talk to our designers about your requirments.

Fiberglass Doors Series

Fiberglass Stain Grade Doors

Modern technology has created a fiberglass door with enough porocity in the skin of the door that a rubbing stain can be applied and then a top coat to mimick real wood grains. There is even a knotty version for those high traffic country applications.

Fiberglass Paint Grade Doors

Paint grade fiberglass doors are the real replacement for the metal residential door. They are far superior in resiliacy, offer the same wide range of styles and glass options, and best of all dont rust!

Metal Doors Series

Metal Doors

Whoever invented the metal residential door was a genious! Two pcs of flat steel wrapped around a wood frame and then foam filled for insulation and ridgidity. Metal doors are very cost efficient, can be finished in a wide range of colors and can be cut out for an endless selection of decorative or utility door lites. Commercial flat steel doors have thier own section on our web site as they are usually a different thickness, do not generally have insulation and most of the jambs are also steel.


Doors Los Angeles California commercial & residential exterior door selection offers many options from beautiful wood doors to weather resistant doors such as Fiberglass Doors & Metal Doors. Our custom doors are built to our customers exterior requirements and specifications.

Doors Los Angeles California has a wide range of exterior door options such as our Contemporary Door Series that includes Flush Veneer Doors. We also have a extensive selection of wood doors in our Real Wood Exterior Series including French Doors, Doors with Glass, and Doors without Glass. Our Fiberglass Doors Series offers Fiberglass Stain Grade Doors and Fiberglass Paint Grade Doors. We also have an extensive selection of metal doors in our Metal Doors Series that is very cost efficient and comes in a wide range of colors.